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Oral Surgery in Orange Park, FL

When typical treatment fails to restore the health of your smile, it's time to consider an alternative solution. For some patients, invasive procedures are required for them to receive the results they desire. At Park Avenue Dental, we are proud to perform oral surgery in Orange Park, FL. The surgical procedures we offer are only suggested when less invasive treatment proves ineffective.

Woman with a Perfect Smile After Having Oral Surgery in Orange Park, FL

Oral Surgery by a Dentist You Can Trust

After more than 20 years in service, our Orange Park dentist has continued to implement the latest surgical techniques and tools. This allows us to perform a range of procedures with the utmost gentleness, all in a calming and comfortable environment.

If you want a pain-free surgical experience capable of improving your dental wellness, then turn to our team. The following are just some of the different surgeries and procedures we perform on a regular basis:

Tooth Extraction Dental Implant Restoration

Tooth Extraction Performed Swiftly & Gently

At a certain point, no amount of treatment is able to restore the state of deteriorated teeth. To keep decay and disease from spreading throughout the rest of the mouth, deteriorated teeth often need to be removed. If you find yourself facing the prospect of tooth removal, we can help.

Our surgical professionals perform extractions in a calming and comfortable environment. Using the most advanced techniques and a gentle approach, we guarantee a pain-free experience that allows you to feel confident turning to us in your time of need. We only recommend extraction of infected teeth if we believe that it is absolutely necessary. Extraction is only used as a last resort to ensure your oral health doesn't diminish any further.

Don't Put Off Wisdom Teeth Extraction Any Longer

Severely damaged teeth aren't the only teeth that often necessitate extraction. For many patients, it is also wise to invest in wisdom teeth extraction. Wisdom teeth are a third, hidden set of molars that typically remain dormant in the gums until late adolescence or early adulthood.

When wisdom teeth attempt to grow into the mouth, you may experience any number of consequences. From gum infection to tooth overcrowding, extracting these teeth in a timely manner allows you to avoid serious dental problems. When you're ready to take advantage of extraction, make an appointment with our reputable dentist.

Woman Filling Out Paper for Oral Surgery in Orange Park, FL

Don't put off oral surgery any longer. Contact Park Avenue Dental today to discuss the different procedures and surgeries available at our location. We proudly serve patients from Orange Park, Fleming Island, Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, and Middleburg, Florida.